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Established in 2007, Pipergear has quickly become one of the highest quality OEM Sewing operations in the country. Offering Turn-Key solutions to help you in every stage of the process.


Pipergear can provide full blown engineering of your product to get your idea off the ground.  We offer both pattern and sample creation as well as smaller runs to help new and growing companies grow their brand.

Custom Manufacturing

 Pipergear offers small and large scale runs to meet your needs. Experienced in detail oriented small batch runs for high end customers and over a decade of experience with large run orders for contractors and OEM lines. Pipergear has your back no matter how big the job and will always stand behind our quality.

Continuous Improvement

Pipergear strives to continue providing the best service at a great price with the highest quality possible. As a customer and partner Pipergear will offer feedback from expertise gained through the years be it a better material for the job or a time saving process that can improve the overall performance of the product. We are always focused on quality and willing to help improve the process for customers and ourselves.

Quality and Reliability

Pipergear stands behind it's material and workmanship. Thanks to a stringent quality standard and inspection process we proudly ship all product with a warranty on manufacturing defects and will quickly and efficiently fix any issues that arise.

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